Apple announced plans to support the RCS messaging standard, enhancing messaging capabilities for iPhone users.

RCS, a more advanced messaging service, offers higher-resolution media sharing and better features than SMS and MMS.

The move aims to bridge the compatibility gap between iOS and Android  devices, resolving issues like low-quality media sharing and glitches in  group chats.

Apple’s adoption of RCS could potentially mark the end of SMS, known for security flaws and limitations.

The support for RCS on iPhones is expected in the later half of the upcoming year, possibly accompanying the next iOS version.

Previously, Apple prioritized its iMessage platform over RCS, causing compatibility issues with Android devices.

Apple’s decision to support RCS may have been influenced by industry  pressure and EU legislation promoting interoperability in messaging  services.

Google made efforts to persuade Apple towards RCS adoption, potentially spurred by the European Union’s Digital Markets Act.

The depth and extent of Apple’s RCS support remain unclear, and whether  the traditional distinction between iPhone and Android messaging bubbles  will persist is uncertain.

Despite RCS adoption, Apple might continue differentiating Android users  visually in group chats, retaining its signature blue bubbles for  iPhone users.