Google's DeepMind robotics team introduces three advancements for smarter, safer robots.

AutoRT, the data gathering system, integrates visual and language models to understand surroundings and tasks.

A "Robot Constitution" inspired by Asimov's laws guides robots to avoid risky tasks involving humans or sharp objects.

Safety features include stopping robots upon excessive joint force and a human-operated kill switch.

Deployed in office settings, 53 AutoRT robots underwent over 77,000 trials in seven months.

The robots' tasks involve recognizing objects and choosing appropriate actions like placing items on countertops.

Google's robots possess a utilitarian design with a camera, robot arm, and mobile base.

New tech like SARA-RT enhances the Robotic Transformer RT-2 for better accuracy and speed.

RT-Trajectory, another development, assists robots in performing physical tasks like table wiping.

While still a work in progress, advancements like AutoRT hint at future robots mastering tasks with learned systems.

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