US judge unseals records with names linked to Jeffrey Epstein, sparking conspiracy theories and disinformation. 

Names mentioned in filings include accusers, witnesses, and individuals investigated, not necessarily connected to criminal activities. 

Disinformation wave falsely accuses celebrities like Stephen Hawking and Jimmy Kimmel, debunked by evidence. 

Hawking's alleged 'sexual proclivities' not found in released Epstein documents; a fabricated screenshot spread misinformation. 

Jimmy Kimmel targeted with photoshopped court records; he refutes claims, threatening legal action against false allegations. 

Credit: wikimedia

Viral video claims Tom Hanks converts to Judaism and flees to Israel; debunked as a fabrication with false news graphics. 

Credit: wikimedia

Donald Trump and Bill Clinton named in court filings without accusations; attempts to distance from Epstein documented. 

Credit: CNN

Prince Andrew accused by victim Virginia Giuffre; other unnamed figures discussed in court records related to Epstein. 

Credit: CNN

Social media contributes to the spread of disinformation and conspiracy theories, impacting public perception.

Fabricated screenshots, false videos, and misleading claims perpetuate misinformation around Epstein-related court records. 

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