Swarovski's AI birding binoculars, priced at $4,799, ID 9,000+ bird species and capture media.

Source : The Verge

Flush app lets businesses rent bathrooms, odd rating system included.

Source : Flush

Clicks Technology's $139 BlackBerry-style iPhone keyboard for nostalgia.

Source : Clicks Technology

Sound Drive by Will.i.am: dynamic car sound system reacting to speed.

Source : Tim Stevens

GL.iNet's Marble Wi-Fi 6 router, a tech-framed picture for homes.

Source : GL.iNet

Kohler's PureWash E930 Bidet with voice commands for Alexa and Google Assistant.

Source : Kohler

LG's Smart Home AI Agent, a 2-legged robot that calls 911 in crises.

Source : LG

Skyted's voice-absorbing masks for privacy in noisy spaces.

Source : Haje Kamps / TechCrunch

GlüxKind's Ella: AI stroller rocks your child, moves hands-free.

Source : GlüxKind

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