Google introduces Gemini, a free AI app replacing Bard chatbot to revolutionize tasks. 

Gemini app, named after a recent AI project, will rely on technology to write, interpret, and handle various tasks. 

Google shifts focus to Gemini, expecting it to be the main user application for thinking, planning, and creating. 

Gemini app initially released in the U.S., in English, expanding to the Asia-Pacific region next week. 

Google to sell an advanced service accessible through Gemini for $20/month, aiming to tutor, provide tips, and create content. 

Gemini Advanced, powered by AI technology "Ultra 1.0," seeks to build upon Google's 100 million worldwide subscribers. 

Google offers a free two-month trial of Gemini Advanced, encouraging people to try out its sophisticated AI capabilities. 

Gemini app rollout underscores the growing trend of bringing more AI to smartphones, reshaping work and entertainment. 

High-stakes AI showdown intensifies between Google and Microsoft, contributing to a $2 trillion increase in market value. 

Google emphasizes safety and adherence to AI principles with extensive testing for the next generation of Gemini products. 

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