Announcement of Google DeepMind’s Lyria, an advanced AI music generation model, and two AI experiments for creativity.

Collaboration with YouTube for Dream Track and Music AI tools to enhance the music creation experience.

Lyria's capabilities in generating high-quality music, including instrumentals, vocals, and control over style and performance.

Dream Track experiment enabling creators to produce unique soundtracks  in collaboration with renowned artists like Charlie Puth and Demi  Lovato.

Music AI tools facilitating melody creation, instrument transformation, and vocal accompaniments for users.

Introduction of SynthID for watermarking AI-generated audio content, ensuring authenticity.

Collaboration with artists, songwriters, and producers to develop and test these AI technologies.

Emphasis on responsible deployment of generative music technologies by integrating best-in-class protections.

Exploration of AI's potential to innovate music creation, aiming for a positive impact on artists and creative expression.

Ongoing commitment to engage with the music industry and creative community for responsible AI development and deployment.