Google pays publishers for using AI tools to generate stories, according to Adweek's report. 

The move into generative AI tools is seen as a new and potentially controversial step. 

The deals, part of Google News Initiative (GNI), target a "handful" of smaller publishers. 

Beta tools allow under-resourced publishers to create aggregated content more efficiently. 

Publishers reportedly receive a "five-figure sum" yearly under the undisclosed arrangement. 

In exchange, media organizations commit to publishing specific content regularly using the tools. 

Publishers in the program are not required to disclose their use of AI-generated content. 

Aggregated websites providing content for AI stories are reportedly not informed of its use. 

AI-generated copy uses a color-coded system for reliability, reviewed by human editors. 

Google, in response, states it's exploring AI tools to assist journalists in their work. 

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