Sundar Pichai, Google's CEO, unveils Gemini, a potent chatbot challenging ChatGPT. 

Gemini, Google's advanced AI, goes beyond traditional search, embracing a multimodal approach. 

Sundar Pichai envisions Gemini as a flexible alternative to standard search, exploring new possibilities. 

Google targets ChatGPT with Gemini's mobile launch, positioning it as a subscription service. 

Gemini's multimodal capabilities, trained in various formats, distinguish it from competitors like ChatGPT. 

Google experiments with a generative search experience, delivering chatbot-like answers. 

Pichai hints at a potential ad-supported or paid model for the generative AI experience. 

Gemini's paywall subscription model may help cover the substantial costs of large language models. 

Pichai acknowledges concerns about generative AI hallucinations but highlights its imaginative potential. 

Google cautiously explores the future of AI, seeking a balance between innovation and reliability. 

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