Actor Jake Gyllenhaal has gotten in great shape for his upcoming role in the ‘Roadhouse’ remake

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Arnold Schwarzenegger praised Gyllenhaal for transforming his body for his movie role

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Gyllenhaal's latest movie required him to have zero body fat and an extraordinary body transformation

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At the UFC 285 ceremonial weigh-ins, Gyllenhaal shot a fake UFC weigh-in and faceoff for Roadhouse

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Gyllenhaal showed off his new physique during the taping. The actor looked incredibly jacked and muscular.

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Gyllenhaal has previously transformed his body for other movie roles, such as "Southpaw" and "Prince of Persia"

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The Roadhouse remake is a reboot of the 1989 movie that starred Patrick Swayze

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The movie is expected to be an action-packed thriller.

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