Meta's Yann LeCun states that human-level AI is distant, requiring new breakthroughs. 

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Nick Clegg urges regulation of AI products, not research, dismissing fears of AI takeover. 

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Public discourse shifts from apocalyptic AI concerns to concrete issues like disinformation. 

LeCun highlights current AI limitations, emphasizing the need for machines to understand and reason. 

Regulation of AI, especially in the EU, is a major focus at Davos, with Clegg criticizing its progress. 

Clegg questions the effectiveness of EU legislation, citing concerns about transparency and copyright. 

The tension between protecting rights and fostering innovation in AI legislation is a critical debate. 

LeCun envisions AI amplifying human intelligence, leading to smarter assistants in daily life. 

Despite risks, LeCun sees AI's long-term societal impact as comparable to the printing press. 

Cautious optimism is advocated, emphasizing responsible deployment of AI to maximize benefits. 

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