Mistral AI unveils Mistral Large, a potential competitor to OpenAI's GPT-4. 

Microsoft invests $16M in Mistral AI as part of a strategic partnership. 

The investment will convert to equity in Mistral's next funding round. 

Mistral AI's valuation remains unchanged at $2 billion post-investment. 

Microsoft's equity stake depends on Mistral AI's next funding round valuation. 

Mistral Large, unlike previous releases, is not open source; accessed via Mistral's API. 

Azure and Mistral AI sign a distribution deal, expanding the AI company's reach. 

Microsoft becomes an investor in both OpenAI and Mistral AI. 

EU scrutinizes Microsoft's relationships with OpenAI and Mistral AI. 

Mistral AI, with closed-source strategy, resembles American competitors. 

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