NASA astronaut Loral O'Hara sported turkey-themed socks on the International Space Station (ISS) for Thanksgiving.

She showcased the turkey feet in various spots around the ISS, including by the cupola window and the Japanese Kibo module.

O'Hara expressed gratitude for her family sending her the socks and  enjoyed the holiday alongside the crew, indulging in holiday treats.

The ISS crew's Thanksgiving included a range of delights like chocolate, duck, quail, seafood, and pumpkin spice cappuccino.

The astronaut showcased the socks near an airlock in the Japanese Kibo  module, which was recently used for an ISS materials experiment.

A photo revealed flags representing ISS partners and miniature globes of the moon, Earth, and Mars in the background.

O'Hara received the socks from a cargo ship, presumably SpaceX's Dragon, which arrived at the ISS on Nov. 11.

The ISS Expedition 70 crew comprises various astronauts from different space agencies conducting numerous experiments.

Meanwhile, in Canada, the Canadian Space Agency announced astronaut  Joshua Kutryk's assignment to fly on Boeing's Starliner-1 to the ISS in  2025.