CES 2024 highlighted the prominence of Software-defined vehicles (SDVs) in the automotive industry. 

Jan Becker of Apex.ai emphasized the need for small, efficient software engineering teams in SDV development

Credit: Apex

ETAS, a Bosch subsidiary, introduced DEV OPS, a cloud-based approach for collaborative software development. 

ZKW showcased software-defined headlamps with scene-based digital light and augmented reality capabilities. 

Neural Propulsion Systems claimed an SDV radar reducing false positives and overall costs.

AIMMO, a South Korean startup, uses AI to extract specific content from massive autonomous vehicle video databases.

Driver monitoring systems (DMS) detecting intoxication were discussed, with Bosch using eye movement and saccade measurements.

Thermal cameras, like those by Gentex and Magna, emerged as a trend, providing enhanced vision in various conditions.

Forvia showcased a rectangular hydrogen tank for cars, potentially replacing traditional cylindrical tanks.

Clarios is developing sodium-ion batteries as an alternative to lead-acid and lithium-ion, offering cost efficiency and longer service life.

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