FIFA World Cup 2022 is Fueled with 8 Cutting Edge Technologies

Credit - FIFA

AL Rihla official FIFA ball with a spatial positioning sensor for ball tracking designed by Adidas

Credit - Mundo Albiceleste

Video Assistance Referees to making the right call using A.I. Algorithms

Credit - FIFA

Stadium Cooling Technology designed by Saud Abdulaziz Abdul Ghani known as "Dr. Cool".

Credit - Getty images

Semi-automated offside technology to generate accurate offsite calls by calculating player's movement.

Credit - FIFA

FIFA Player app for collecting player's data to get insights into on-field performance

Credit - FIFA

Bonocle: Assistive technology used to coverts digital data to braille information for visually-impaired fans

Credit - Bonocle

Movable Module stadium designed by Fenwick Iribarren

Credit - Bluebeam

Hypermotion technology to create more realistic 3D game Animation.

Credit - FIFA