WhatsApp is testing an AI chatbot in the search bar, introducing two significant upgrades. 

Meta AI model integrated into WhatsApp aims to assist users without separate chat rooms. 

Image editing tools, including Backdrop, Restyle, and Expand, are in development for WhatsApp. 

Backdrop may change image backgrounds via text prompt; Restyle can alter art style. 

WhatsApp aims to introduce Expand, speculated to enlarge images beyond visible areas. 

These upgrades, although not available for testing yet, promise to enhance user experience. 

AI editing tools on WhatsApp may offer capabilities comparable to paid alternatives. 

Users anticipate convenient access to Meta software through WhatsApp's AI integration. 

WhatsApp's upcoming AI features hint at potential competition with Instagram. 

Despite current unavailability, WhatsApp's AI advancements are eagerly awaited. 

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