How to charge Apple Watch first time? (With Safety Tips)

For the best performance on your Apple Watch, let’s discuss “How to charge Apple Watch first time“. If you’ve chosen the Apple Watch, learn its magic. It’s an iPhone on your wrist that isn’t just a timepiece. Particularly when it comes to first-time charging your Apple Watch, the money you’ve invested deserves consideration. With the help of this TechyNerd guide, you can reveal the details of its initial charge, guaranteeing a secure & seamless experience.

Points to Remember before Charging Apple Watch

Getting Started

Unboxing your Apple Watch is an exciting experience. Once you’ve marveled at its sleek design, delve into the charging essentials. Take note of the compact magnetic charging cable that comes with it. Understanding its components sets the stage for seamless charging.

Checking Compatibility

Before plugging in, ensure the compatibility of your charger & Apple Watch model. Apple frequently updates its devices, and cross-checking compatibility guarantees a smooth charging process.

Charging Port Location

Locating the charging port on your Apple Watch is pivotal. Typically situated on the back of the device, aligning the charger correctly ensures a secure connection for efficient charging.

Connecting the Charger

With your Apple Watch in hand, follow this step-by-step guide to connecting the charging cable. The magnetic feature aids alignment, creating a hassle-free charging experience.

Power Source Selection

Choosing the right power source contributes to the longevity of your Apple Watch battery. Whether connected to a wall adapter or a USB port, understanding the power source ensures optimal charging conditions.

Charging Duration

How long should you charge your Apple Watch? This section dives into the recommended charging duration, balancing between a quick power-up and avoiding overcharging.

Optimizing Battery Life

Maximizing your Apple Watch’s battery life involves strategic choices. Learn valuable tips to extend usage between charges, enhancing the overall efficiency of your device.


Even with the best intentions, charging issues may arise. This section addresses common problems and provides practical solutions, keeping your Apple Watch ready for action.

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How to Charge Apple Watch First Time?

Set up the charger

Find a well-ventilated area and place your charger or charging cable on a flat surface. This sets the foundation for a smooth charging process.

Plug the charging cable into the power adapter

Connect the charging cable to the power adapter, ensuring the adapter is plugged into a power outlet. For fast charging, you’ll need an 18W or greater USB-C Power Adapter.

Begin charging the Apple Watch

Depending on your Apple Watch model, use either the Apple Watch Magnetic Fast Charger to USB-C cable (for Series 7 or later) or the Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Cable (for earlier models). Place it on the back of your Apple Watch. The concave end of the charging cable magnetically snaps to the back, ensuring proper alignment.

Wait for the charging symbol

Once connected, your Apple Watch will play a chime (unless in silent mode), indicating the start of charging. Look for the charging symbol on the watch face red when the watch needs power, turning green when charging.

It generally takes about two hours to fully charge your Apple Watch. However, if your watch has a new or relatively low battery, consider leaving it on the charger for up to three hours. Once fully charged, you’re ready to set up & explore all the incredible features of your Apple Watch.

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Safety tips for charging Apple Watch

Mindful Placement

Always center & align your watch correctly on the charging pad to establish a stable connection & efficient power transfer. This simple step minimizes the risk of overheating, ensuring safe charging.

Charger Integrity

Steer clear of using damaged chargers. If you notice any faults, it’s advisable to replace the charger promptly to mitigate potential safety hazards.

Clear Charging Space

Maintain a clutter-free charging area, steering clear of any flammable items. This precautionary measure helps prevent potential fire hazards.

Ventilation Matters

Opt for charging your Apple Watch in a well-ventilated area. Adequate ventilation dissipates heat, preventing the watch from overheating & enhancing overall safety.

Optimized Battery Charging

Take advantage of watchOS 7 & later features. The Optimized Battery Charging function learns from your daily charging habits, extending your battery’s lifespan by reducing unnecessary charging time.

Activate Low Power Mode

Save on battery life by activating Low Power Mode. This feature disables Always On Display, background heart rate & blood oxygen measurements, and heart rate notifications, offering a practical way to conserve power.

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Wrapping Up

In the journey of exploring your Apple Watch, mastering the art of first-time charging is key. From optimal placement & charger integrity to safety tips, this TechyNerd guide ensures a seamless experience. Charging your Apple Watch for the first time becomes the cornerstone for a secure & efficient companion on your wrist. Dive into the exploration, knowing that understanding how to charge Apple Watch first time sets the foundation for a confident & enjoyable experience.


How long does it take to charge Apple Watch?

Charging times for various Apple Watch models exhibit differences:
The Ultra 2 requires 60 minutes for 0-80% and 90 minutes for a full charge (0-100%). Series 7, 8, and 9 have faster charging times with 45 minutes for 0-80% and 75 minutes for a complete charge. The SE (2022) model takes 90 minutes (0-80%) and 150 minutes (0-100%), while Series 6 follows a similar pattern as the Ultra 2. The SE model and Series 3 both have longer charging durations, needing 90 minutes for 0-80% and 150 minutes for a full charge, with Series 3 requiring 90 minutes (0-80%) and 120 minutes (0-100%). Keep in mind that these times are approximations and can be influenced by factors such as the power source and battery condition².

How to charge Apple Watch Series 3 without magnetic charger?

Regrettably, charging your Apple Watch Series 3 without the magnetic charger is not feasible, as it’s specifically designed for use with a magnetic charging cable that attaches to the back of the watch. Despite a hidden six-pin port on the Apple Watch 6 and earlier models, attempting to charge through this port is strongly discouraged, as it can lead to damage and void the warranty. If you find yourself without a charger, it’s recommended to acquire a new cable directly from Apple or an authorized retailer to ensure proper functionality and uphold the warranty. It’s crucial to avoid alternative charging methods, as they could potentially harm the device & nullify the warranty.

How to charge Apple Watch with hidden port?

While the Apple Watch does feature a hidden six-pin port behind the bottom strap, it’s crucial to understand that this port is primarily intended for diagnostic purposes and not officially supported by Apple for charging. Despite some third-party strap makers discovering faster charging through this port with a wired cable, it is strongly discouraged for various reasons. Accessing the port poses a risk of damage, as the metal cover is challenging to remove without proper tools.
Additionally, using this method may void your Apple Watch’s warranty, & future compatibility could be compromised through firmware updates. To acquire a new charger, it is recommended to purchase directly from Apple or an authorized retailer to ensure device longevity and safety. Always adhere to using the designated charger for your Apple Watch.

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