Best Calling Tips: How to turn off RTT on Android & iPhone in 4 steps

In our swiftly evolving digital geography, maintaining flawless connectivity is a necessity. Android gadgets have redefined the way we communicate, offering a myriad of features to elevate our calling experience. Among these features is Real-Time Text (RTT), a precious tool for numerous. Yet, there are cases where you may seek to disable it. This TechyNerd article serves as your comprehensive companion on How to turn off RTT on Android & iPhone, granting you complete control over your communication preferences.

Best Android Calling Tips: How to turn off RTT on Android & iPhone in 4 steps

What is RTT on Android?

Before you start How to turn off RTT on android & iPhone smartphone, understand the significance of RTT and the invaluable benefits it brings. Real-time text (RTT), a genuinely fantastic technology, allows users to have live text chats or chatting while on the phone. This function is especially useful for persons who have hearing or speech issues since it considerably increases the ease and accessibility of communication.

Reasons to Disable RTT

RTT can be useful in numerous circumstances, but in some, users might find it unwanted or indeed disruptive. The following are some typical defenses for turning off RTT on a Smartphones.

Concerns about privacy

You might prefer to turn off RTT if you value your privacy and do not want your conversational text messages to be read audibly during calls.

Getting rid of distractions

Turning off RTT messages can help you concentrate on the discussion because they can be thrown off during calls.

Battery preservation

Battery life can be saved by turning off RTT because real-time text transmission requires high processing power.

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How to turn off RTT?

How to turn off RTT on Android?

Now that you’re aware of How to turn off RTT on Android?, below is a step-by-step TechyNerd guide to doing just that

Step 1: Open Phone Settings

Go to your Android device’s settings by tapping on the gear-shaped icon in your app drawer or menu.

Step 2: Navigate to Call Settings

Scroll down and tap on” Call settings” or” Calls.”

Step 3: Discover RTT

Find the” RTT” or” Real-Time Text” option in the call settings menu.

Step 4: Turn It Off

Disable RTT by toggling the switch next to it. This action will turn off real-time text during phone calls.

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How to turn off RTT on iPhone?

Now how to turn off Real-Time Text (RTT) or Textphone on your iPhone

Step 1: Navigate to the” Phone Settings” option

In your iPhone’s app drawer, click the gear-shaped settings icon to enter your device’s settings.

Step 2: Navigate to the” Accessibility” area

Scroll down the settings menu & choose” Accessibility.”

Step 3: Look for the” RTT/ Textphone” selection

Find and touch the” RTT,”” Real-Time Text,” or” Textphone” option under Accessibility.

Step 4: Turn off RTT/ Textphone Software

Turn off” RTT/ Textphone Software & Hardware” to turn off Real-Time Text. This step disables RTT & Textphone features on your iPhone.

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Benefits of Disabling RTT

By turning off RTT, you can enjoy several advantages

Enhanced Privacy

Your text messages will not be displayed in real-time during calls, guaranteeing your chats remain private.

Progressive Concentration

Without the distraction of real-time text, you can engage in more detailed things in your phone chats.

Extended Battery Life

Disabling RTT can help conserve your device’s battery, making it last longer between charges.

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Final Thought

Understanding How to turn off RTT on Android smartphone empowers you with enhanced control over your communication. This comprehensive companion from TechyNerd equips you with the necessary knowledge to make informed opinions regarding your privacy preferences, minimize distractions, or optimize battery life. Take charge of your connectivity and decide whether to enable or disable RTT according to your terms. It’s important to note that your preferences may evolve, so feel free to review and shape your settings as demanded. use your Android device as an all-around tool to customize your communication experience based on your personal requirements.


What is the RTT button on my phone?

The RTT button on your phone enables real-time text( RTT) communication, which provides a text-based, real-time choice to traditional audio chats. RTT is especially favorable to people who have hearing or speech challenges. To join in these chats, you must have an RTT-compatible phone and an active cellular or Wi-Fi connection. Once enabled, you can make real-time text-based calls to others who have RTT capabilities turned on on their Android or iPhone.

Why does RTT randomly turn on Android?

RTT (Real-Time Text) activation on Android or iPhone smartphones can happen frequently due to accidental pocket dialing, software glitches, or indeed rare hardware issues. To resolve this, consider restarting your device, keeping software and apps up to date, or disabling RTT in your device’s settings. In extreme cases, a factory reset may help. However, communicate with your phone carrier or manufacturer for backing, If the issue persists. To prevent accidental activation, lock your screen, use a case with a cover flap, and be guarded when placing your phone in your pocket or bag.

Are RTT calls recorded?

RTT call recording varies by country and carrier policies. In general, RTT calls are not recorded by default, but some carriers may offer call recording as an optional service. In the United States, the FCC requires consent from both parties for recording, applying to voice and RTT calls, with exceptions for law enforcement or service improvement. Laws differ in other countries, with varying regulations on call recording by carriers. To safeguard privacy, it’s wise to assume RTT calls could be recorded and avoid sharing sensitive data during the call. You can also disable call recording on your device or request your carrier to do so.

Can RTT calls be traced?

As RTT calls are carried over the internet, they may be tracked using a variety of ways. IP address tracking, which identifies the source & destination of RTT calls, is used by law enforcement & authorized companies. Call detail records (CDRs) provide information about calls such as timestamps, phone numbers, & call duration. Incoming & outgoing calls on a given phone line may be monitored using a pen register/trap & trace devices. It is crucial to remember that tracing RTT calls normally requires a warrant, with exceptions for national security or emergencies.

Can I re-enable RTT after disabling it?

 Yes, you can easily re-enable RTT by following the same steps mentioned in this guide, but toggling the switch back to the “on” position.

Will disabling RTT affect my ability to use other accessibility features?

Because RTT operates independently, disabling it should not interfere with the usage of other accessibility features on your phone. However, for best performance, some accessibility features may require RTT. If RTT is necessary for your communication needs, it is best not to disable it because it serves a unique function among accessibility tools.

Are there any third-party apps that can help me disable RTT?

Yes, a few third-party apps can assist in disabling RTT. However, these apps may not be as dependable or secure as the built-in RTT disabling option on your device. Some might even necessitate root access, which can be risky if mishandled. Examples include SystemUI Tuner and QuickShortcutMaker, both of which are free and allow access to system settings, including RTT. RTT Disabler is a paid app specifically designed for RTT deactivation without requiring root access. Prior to using any third-party app, ensure its reputation through reviews and back up your device before modifying system settings.

What Android versions support RTT functionality?

Android versions 5.0 and above offer RTT functionality, benefiting those with hearing impairments. It enables real-time text communication via a compatible phone and internet connection. To check RTT support, visit Settings > Accessibility > RTT, and look for the Enable RTT switch. For inquiries, consult your phone carrier or device manufacturer.

Can I still send text messages during a call after disabling RTT?

Yes, After disabling RTT, you can send text messages while on a call using third-party apps.

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