Top 10 Best Online Surgical Tech Programs in the USA

Starting a career in surgical technology necessitates a solid academic background. Several online programs in the USA are competing for the top rank. We’ll examine the best 10 online surgical tech programs in the USA in our TechyNerd guide, offering thorough analysis to assist you in making an informed decision.

Top 10 Online Surgical Tech Programs: Navigating Excellence in Medical Education

What is Surgical Tech Programs?

An online surgical tech program is a comprehensive course that prepares individuals to assist in surgical procedures while being supervised by surgeons, registered nurses, or other surgical staff. These programs aim to provide students with the necessary skills & knowledge to ensure a safe operating room environment, proper functioning of equipment, & optimal patient safety during surgical procedures.

Here is a general overview of the components included in an online surgical tech program:


The program typically covers a range of subjects including anatomy, biology, medical terminology, pharmacology, & other related topics. It also includes training on patient care & safety, sterilization techniques, setting up technical or robotic equipment, & infection prevention & control.

Clinical Experience

Alongside classroom learning, students gain practical experience through clinical rotations. This allows them to apply their knowledge in a real-world setting, often at a local hospital & medical center.


Upon completion of the program, students are usually eligible to take a certification exam to become a Certified Surgical Technologist (CST). This certification validates their competence & proficiency in the field.

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Top 10 Online Surgical Tech Programs in USA

1. Preppy Online Surgical Technology Program

With Preppy’s online certification program, you may start along a quicker route to becoming a surgical technologist. With support from Auburn University, this extensive online surgical tech program provides self-paced curriculum that can be accessed on any device. The program offers a free laptop, a sophisticated career assistance system, & an externship, all of which may be completed in only four months. 

Explore the crucial role that surgical technologists play in ensuring safe & effective procedures. The program, which projects a 6% rise by 2031, is in line with the expanding healthcare sector. Preppy offers a 30-day money-back guarantee in addition to a unique externship placement & inexpensive cost, making it stand out & guaranteeing a successful start to your surgical tech career. 

2. Rasmussen University Surgical Technologist Program

Rasmussen University offers an accredited online Surgical Tech program, equipping students with skills for operating room procedures. This CAAHEP-accredited Associate’s Degree blends on-campus & online learning, providing hands-on training in sterilization techniques, patient care, & assisting surgeons. Completable in as few as 21 months, the program prepares graduates for the national surgical tech certification exam.

With a focus on convenience, the self-directed assessments save time & money. Rasmussen University stands out for its diverse campus locations & commitment to career advancement, allowing seamless credit transfers into related Bachelor’s degree programs.

3. Herzing University Surgical Technology Program

Discover a promising career path with Herzing University’s Associate of Science in Surgical Technology, available through their online surgical tech program in New Orleans, Louisiana. Accredited by ABHES, this 65-credit, 20-month program equips you with crucial surgical skills. With flexible schedules, & experienced faculty, Herzing offers a holistic learning experience.

The curriculum covers surgical pharmacology, & procedures, and includes a hands-on clinical practicum. Upon completion, you qualify for the Certified Surgical Technologist exam. Take the first step towards a rewarding healthcare career, enroll now in this comprehensive online surgical tech program.

4. Eastern Idaho Technical College Surgical Technology Program

The College of Eastern Idaho offers a Surgical Technology program that prepares prospective surgical technicians for a fulfilling profession. This approved program emphasizes asepsis, sterile technique, & intraoperative patient care, giving thorough training for surgical operations. A 10:1 student-to-teacher ratio, over 500 clinical hours, affordability, & a 100% placement rate for 2021 graduates are all features of this program.

The use of surgical instruments, supporting doctors, & upholding sterility are all included in the curriculum. In approximately ten months, CEI’s CAAHEP-accredited Surgical Technology program can provide an Associate of Applied Science degree. Enroll right away in this excellent online surgical tech program to become an essential component of surgical treatment & have a rewarding healthcare career.

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5. Florida Technical College Surgical Technology Program

The College of Central Florida provides a comprehensive Surgical Services Program, initiated in 1988, offering an online surgical tech program since its inception. This accredited program focuses on training Surgical Technologists, emphasizing sterile techniques, instrument preparation, & emergency response.

Utilizing diverse teaching methods, including online resources & hands-on clinical experiences, the curriculum prepares graduates for the National Board of Surgical Technology & Surgical Assisting (NBSTSA) certification. With limited access, prospective students can consult the application information packet for admission criteria. Embark on a fulfilling healthcare career through this high-quality & accessible online surgical tech program at the College of Central Florida.

6. Concorde Career Colleges Surgical Technology Program

With the convenience of an online alternative, Concorde Career Colleges provides a thorough Associate Degree Programme in Surgical Technology that may be completed in only 17 months. During practical training, aspiring surgical technologists acquire competencies essential for preparing the sterile field, supporting surgeons, & providing patient care. The program, which is offered at 14 locations around the country, is in line with the growing need for surgical specialists. Concorde guarantees that its financial help alternatives are accredited by CAAHEP.

With this online surgical tech program, students may collaborate with medical professionals, assist with operations, & maintain sterile conditions before, during, & after procedures, all while accelerating their path to a fulfilling career in healthcare.

7. Sanford-Brown Institute Surgical Technology Program

The comprehensive program offered by Sanford-Brown’s Certificate in Surgical Technology prepares students for entry-level surgical technician jobs. This 60-week program covers human anatomy, surgical techniques, & medical terminology, including externships for practical experience. Students studying surgical healthcare settings receive 43.5 core credits, including topics such as pharmacology, patient care, surgery room preparation, & legal considerations.

Graduates can work as surgical technologists in hospitals & surgical centers. They can also choose to become certified members of the National Board of Surgical Technology & Surgical Assisting, which would improve their employability. Even though Sanford-Brown doesn’t specifically state that it offers an online alternative, prospective students should check to see if this important online surgical tech program offers distance learning.

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8. Carrington College Surgical Technology Program

The full learning experience offered by Carrington College’s Surgical Technology program in Citrus Heights & San Jose is comprised of practical laboratories, clinical rotations, & theoretical information. Three 450-hour theoretical & lab courses are part of the program, in addition to a 640-hour clinical rotation. The general education curriculum, which includes courses in English, arithmetic, ethics, psychology, interpersonal communication, & computer literacy, requires students to earn 21 credits in addition.

Although an online alternative isn’t mentioned specifically in the format, prospective students who want a flexible learning schedule can find out if Carrington College offers an online surgical tech program. Please be advised that additional clarification is advised since the material supplied here may not completely represent the online components of the program.

9. Ashworth College Surgical Technology Program

Adult students can enroll in Tulsa Tech’s certified Surgical Technology program, which gives them practical experience performing actual surgeries. As a vital component of the surgical team, students assist surgeons by making sure that the operating room is stocked with the right tools, supplies, & equipment.

Reaching professional milestones & national certification is emphasized in the program. A Garde “B” or higher grade, passing a background check, proof of vaccinations, CPR certification, & transportation to work-based learning venues are among the additional criteria. Although there is no mention of an online alternative, prospective students who value flexibility might find out if Tulsa Tech offers an online surgical tech program.

10. CUNY Kingsborough Community College Surgical Tech Program

Kingsborough Community College’s Surgical Technology Program, led by Professor Tyronne Johnson, aims to produce competent entry-level Surgical Technologists with expertise in cognitive, psychomotor, & affective learning domains.

Emphasizing values such as respect, diversity, integrity, excellence, accountability, & innovation, the program focuses on correlating medical knowledge to safe patient care. Accredited by CAAHEP & ARC/STSA, it ensures graduates are eligible for the NBSTSA certification exam. The competitive application process, including virtual interviews, considers prerequisites, CUNY GPA, & STEM class GPA.

Important Note:

While the information provided doesn’t explicitly state the availability of an online surgical tech program, it is recommended to visit the respective websites for more details & to check for online program availability.

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Wrapping Up

To succeed as a surgical tech, it is essential to select the best online surgical tech program. The top 10 programs in our category combine classroom knowledge with real-world experience to offer a range of options. To make an informed choice, prospective students should carefully consider each program’s features, accreditations, & distinctive offerings. Even though it is unclear whether these programs are available online always, those who are interested in learning more about them are encouraged to contact the pertinent websites.


Is surgical tech program hard?

Becoming a surgical tech involves varying difficulty levels, influenced by factors like education, certification exams, skills, & commitment. Programs can be completed in 12 to 24 months, including clinical internships. Prior healthcare experience may ease the difficulty, but manual dexterity is crucial. Dedication to a serious career is necessary, requiring 4 to 5 months of education. While not as challenging as becoming a doctor, it demands significant time & effort with fulfilling career prospects. Researching & consulting schools are advised for detailed information.

Is surgical tech a degree or certificate?

Surgical technologists typically obtain a diploma or certificate, with 41% noting the requirement of an associate’s degree, according to O*Net. To become a qualified surgical technician, completing a certificate, diploma, or associate degree is necessary. The duration varies, with certificates taking under a year, diplomas around a year, & associate degrees under two years. Employer preferences vary, & state licensure for surgical technologists is uncommon, making the choice between a degree or certificate contingent on career goals & program duration.

Is surgical tech worth it?

Deciding if a surgical tech career is worthwhile involves considering factors like job satisfaction, stability, salary, career advancement opportunities, and the relatively short program duration. While the field offers rewards & stable demand, potential challenges such as physical demands & stress should be weighed. Thorough research & alignment with personal goals are essential for an informed decision.

How much do surgical technicians make?

Surgical technicians earn an average national salary of $52,193, with an average hourly pay of $25.09. In 2022, median earnings for surgical technologists were $55,960, with the top 25% earning $64,360 and the bottom 25% earning $47,860. Actual salaries can vary based on factors like location & experience. Researching & consulting potential employers is advised for accurate information.

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