5 Methods: How to Remove Subscriptions on iPhone?

In the era of digital ease, our iPhones have turned into centers for a variety of services, including content & app subscriptions. Though there are many capabilities available with these subscriptions, effective administration ultimately comes first. You may effortlessly organize your online life with the help of this TechyNerd article, which will lead you through the process of How to Remove Subscriptions on iPhone.

How to Remove Subscriptions on iPhone?

Why Remove iPhone Subscriptions?

There are various compelling reasons why you might consider the need to eliminate subscriptions on your iPhone:

Cost Savings

The accumulation of subscriptions can result in unforeseen charges that might impact your finances. Removing unused services can be a prudent step to save money.

Clutter Reduction

An abundance of subscriptions can clutter your account, making it challenging to efficiently manage them. Removing subscriptions not in use can simplify and declutter your account.


It’s essential to note that Apple doesn’t permit the removal of expired subscriptions, as these transactions are linked to users’ Apple IDs for the sake of transparency.

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How to check subscriptions on iPhone?

Of course, here’s a walkthrough to manage your subscriptions on an iPhone, including steps on How to Remove Subscriptions on iPhone:

1. Begin by opening the Settings app on your iPhone.

2. Tap on your profile icon situated at the top of the Settings page.

3. Proceed by selecting Subscriptions from the list.

Alternatively, you can navigate through Settings > Your Profile > Media & Purchases > View Account > Subscriptions. The Subscriptions page might take a few moments to load. Once loaded, scroll down to find your active and expired subscriptions.

On the Subscriptions page, you’ll encounter several helpful options:

Share New Subscriptions

This feature facilitates the automatic sharing of any new subscriptions with other members of your Apple Household.

Renewal Receipts

Enabling this option ensures you receive an email receipt for each subscription auto-renewal.

What happens if I delete an app with a subscription?

Deleting an app doesn’t cancel its subscription. You must manually cancel it through iPhone settings or with the service provider. If an app is removed from the App Store, future subscriptions are canceled, but past ones aren’t refunded.

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5 Methods on How to remove subscriptions on iPhone?

When it comes to sorting out subscriptions on your iPhone, it’s handy to know the steps to cancel them. Let me walk you through it:

Through Settings

1. Start by opening up the Settings app on your iPhone.

2. You’ll see your Apple ID right at the top. Tap on that.

3. Look for “Subscriptions” – it’s where all your active subscriptions hang out.

4. Find the one you want to stop and tap on it.

5. There should be an option to “Cancel Subscription”. Just tap there & confirm your choice.

Via the App Store

1. Open up the App Store on your iPhone.

2. See that little profile picture up in the top right, Tap on that.

3. Look for “Subscriptions”, it’s like your subscription control center.

4. Find the subscription you’re looking to cancel & tap on it.

5. Tap “Cancel Subscription” & confirm your decision.

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Using the App Itself

1. Launch the app linked to the subscription you want to cancel.

2. Hunt around in the app’s settings or account sections.

3. You’re likely to find a “Manage Subscriptions” or “Billing” option there.

4. Once you find it, you can usually cancel your subscription right from within the app.

Through iTunes

1. Fire up the iTunes app on your iPhone.

2. Look for your Apple ID at the bottom of the screen.

3. Tap “View Apple ID” and verify if needed.

4. Hit “Subscriptions” to see what’s active.

5. Choose the one you want to cancel and tap on it.

6. Then, tap “Cancel Subscription” & confirm.

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Family Sharing Feature

1. If it’s a subscription under Family Sharing, the family organizer has the power to manage it.

2. Go to Settings > [your name] > Family Sharing.

3. Pick the family member with the subscription you want to cancel.

4. Tap “Subscriptions” to adjust or cancel as needed.

What are some popular subscription services for iPhone users?

There are many subscription options available to iPhone users. Your data is kept secure & accessible with the aid of iCloud+. Your Personal DJ, Apple Music, plays your favorite music. You can access compelling stories from all over the world through Apple TV Channels, Disney+Hotstar, Netflix, & Amazon Prime Video. For music lovers, Amazon Music Unlimited is a haven, & has something special to offer always. Keep in mind that managing these subscriptions is essential for a hassle-free & economical experience.

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What are some ways to save money on subscriptions?

Let me offer you some practical ways to save money on your subscriptions:

Share Your Subscriptions with Family or Roommates

Sharing streaming services among those you live with can be a fantastic money-saving tactic.

Opt for the Annual Subscription

If there’s a streaming platform you love & know you’ll stick with, choosing the annual subscription often comes with cost savings.

Trim Unnecessary Services

Take a good look at your subscription list. If you spot services that essentially offer the same content or features, consider keeping the one you use the most and dropping the redundant ones to save some cash.

Explore Budget-Friendly Plans

Sometimes, a more economical plan can still provide all the features you need without the higher price tag.

Centralize Your Payment Method

Managing all your digital subscriptions through one payment method can simplify tracking your expenses.

How to hide subscriptions on iPhone?

If you’re looking to keep your subscriptions under wraps on your iPhone, you’ve got a couple of options.

Firstly, you can do it right from your iPhone settings. Just open up your settings, tap on ‘Subscriptions’, and then swipe left on the app you want to hide. Tap ‘Hide’, and you’re all set!

Alternatively, you could create a new Apple ID. Open up the App Store, tap ‘Sign In’, and then ‘Create A Free Apple ID’. Follow the prompts to fill in your details with a new email, enter your billing info, and tap ‘Next’.

Just remember, while you can hide subscriptions, you can’t delete them from your purchase history. But with a new Apple ID, your previous active and expired subscriptions won’t show up.

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Wrapping Up

Discovering how to cancel subscriptions on iPhone not only helps in clearing up precious space but also puts you in charge of your digital expenditures. Whether you lean towards using the features in the App Store or prefer a further hands-on system, this TechyNerd companion provides the perceptivity demanded to efficiently manage & simplify your array of digital subscriptions on your iPhone.


Can I remove all subscriptions at once?

Yes, you can remove all subscriptions at once through certain methods. Check the article for detailed instructions.

What happens to my data after removing a subscription?

Removing a subscription typically doesn’t impact your data within the app. However, specific cases may vary.

Are there any free subscription management tools?

Yes, some free tools can assist in managing subscriptions. The article provides insights into their features.

Can I dispute an unwanted subscription charge?

Yes, you can dispute unwanted charges through appropriate channels, usually involving Apple Support.

How often should I review my subscriptions?

It’s advisable to review your subscriptions regularly, perhaps on a monthly basis, to ensure you’re only paying for what you need.

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